Why rolling paper quality matters

Why rolling paper quality matters

When it comes to CBD smokeables, the rolling paper you use matters. While some folks don’t have a preference, many have a favorite type or brand of paper. The type of rolling paper used can affect your smoking experience.  

Cheaper rolling paper can contain harmful chemicals or cause your CBD smokeable to burn unevenly. Niota uses unrefined brown pre-colled cones. The rolling papers are produced by one of the finest producer’s in the world in a small mountain village at the base of the Pyrennes mountains.  

This village has been producing high quality rolling papers since the 1800s. This paper produces a  perfect tasting and clean burning pre-roll.  

Niota uses an ultra-thin French paper that feature a straight gum-line (the adhesive that keeps the paper intact.) This means an extra manufacturing step is included to ensure even burning, so our customers are smoking pure flower and not inhaling chemicals from the paper.  

The rolling paper used in Niota CBD prerolls are made to the same standards the FDA requires for paper that is in contact with food. The paper is also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which verifies that the raw materials used are sustainably and ethically sourced, and are environmentally friendly. 



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